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Hualu-Hengsheng continuing to hold the position of industrial header for the fourth time

Source:本站     Time:2016.08.25


Recently, the Ministry of Information and Technology, the National Development and National Reform and the State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine have jointly issued an announcement (No. 39 of 2016) to announce the list of industrial energy efficiency leaders in 2016. Again, Hualu Hengsheng became a leader in the industry of synthesis ammonia with bituminous coal (including lignite) as the main raw material.

In this announcement, the three departments organized to select the "leaders" in ethylene, synthesis ammonia, cement, plate glass and electrolytic aluminum in 2016, and selected 16 "leaders" with energy efficiency reaching the industrial leading level and 20 enterprises reaching the national standard advanced value requirements for the energy consumption limitation. With the unit product energy consumption of 1381kgce/t, Hualu Hengsheng became the industrial leader for the fourth time.