Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol

【Category】Ethylene glycol

【Specification】Pure water

【Product standard】Liquid



     It is miscible with water, and can be miscible in ethyl alcohol, ether etc.

Main purpose

     It is used to manufacture resin, plasticizer, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives and used as the solvent and antifreeze agent for engine.

Package, storage and transportation

     Before transportation, inspect whether the package container is complete and sealed, during transportation, ensure that the container will not have leakage, not collapse, fall and be damaged. It is prohibited to mix with oxidant and acids. When transported by boat, it should be isolated with cabin, electric power and fire source etc. During transportation by road, it is required to travel according to the route specified.

Indicator of superior products

Ethylene glycol content %(m/m) ≥99.8

Chromaticity, Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt number), before heating: ≤5, after heating with hydrochloric acid: ≤20

Density (20) g/cm3: 1.1128-1.1138

Boiling range(0,0.10133MPa) initial boiling point/≥196, final boiling point/≤199

Moisture %(m/m)≤0.1

Acidity (by acetic acid)% (m/m): ≤0.001

Iron (mass friction)/% ≤0.00001

Ash content (mass friction)/% ≤0.001

DEG (mass friction)/% ≤0.1

Aldehyde mass friction (by formaldehyde): ≤0.0008

UV transmittance/%, 220nm: ≥75, 275nm:≥92, 350nm:≥99