Butyl alcohol

N-butyl alcohol

【Category】Butyl alcohol


【Product form】Liquid

【Product indicators】Superior product

【Product standard】GB/T6027-1998



     It is miscible with ethyl alcohol/ether and many other solvents, its vapor can mix with air to form explosive mixture, with explosion limit 1.45-11.25 (volume) Its allowable density in air in the public space is 150/m3.

Main purpose

     It is used to make esters, plasticizer, medicine, paint and is used as solvent.

Package, storage and transportation

     It can be packed with a clean and dry railway tanker or galvanized iron barrel, with net weight of each barrel 150kg. The package container should be sealed tightly. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse with temperature no more than 35, and should be away from fire source, inflammable materials, oxidant and acids. This product can be transported by truck or train. Subject to the provisions for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Indicator of superior products

N-butyl alcohol content %(m/m) ≥99.5

Chromaticity, Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt number) ≤10

Density (ρ) g/cm3: 0.8090.811

Boling range (0, 101.325kPa) (including 117.7), :1.0

Sulfuric acid color test, (platinum-cobalt number) ≤20

Acidity (by acetic acid)% (m/m): ≤0.003

Moisture %(m/m)≤0.1

Residue on evaporation %(m/m)≤0.003