【Product form】Liquid



      Melting point ():  -65; boiling point ():  64; relative density (water=1): 0.79 (0.783-0.788); refractive index: 1.369-1.379; relative vapor density (air=1): 2.48; saturated vapor pressure(kPa) 15.3(20); burning heat (kJ/mol):  2494.6; flash point ():  <-15; ignition temperature (): 165; upper limit of explosion %(V/V): 12.0; lower limit of explosion %(V/V): 1.0; solubility:  slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethyl alcohol, ether, benzene and chloroform.

[Main purpose]

      It is used to synthesize pantothenic acid, valine, leucine, cellulose ester, perfume, plasticizer, resin, rubber vulcanization accelerator, antiager,  isobutyric acid and gasoline additive.

[Package, storage and transportation]

      The lorry (tanker) used for the transportation shall be equipped with grounding chain and clapboard can be set in the lorry to reduce the static electricity caused by vibration. It is prohibited to mix with oxidant, reductant, alkaline and edible chemicals. During transportation, prevent direct sunshine exposure, rain and high temperature.

[Indicator of superior products]

      Isobutyraldehyde, ω% ≥99.0%;  n-butanal, ω% ≤ 0.6%  

      Isobutyric acid, ω% ≤ 0.3%; water, ω% ≤  0.2%